Imani Aisha’s Art of the Headwrap focuses on fashion, beauty, and wellness. Our primary focus is on modesty fashion styling. We provide personal, group, and special occasion styling for weddings, photo shoots, and runway. We specialize in head wraps, hijabs, turbans, and gele styling. Check out our individual and group styling classes.

What we offer?

Modesty Fashion Styling

Wedding Styling Services coordinating outfits for models in photo shoots
Imani Aisha’s Art of the Headwrap can also help your group to dress special for any special occasions you have going on.
We can also help choosing and coordinating outfits for models in photo shoots or actors in television and film; and choosing props and accessories and preparing them for shoot. Featured here is a wedding (Nikkah) ceremony with a group of nine.
Headwrap, Turban, Hijab Styling by Imani Aisha’s Art of the Headwrap) (photo credit: Aroused by Art)

Headwrap and Turban Workshops

Interested in learning the Art of the Headwrap? We offer individual and group sessions that are private, personal, and interactive. Headcovers offer a temporary option when your hair may be in between style transitions. Our customers include those who experience hair loss or thinning due to medical reasons, and those that are generally interested in learning how to tie a headwrap. Let’s talk.
Celebrating Crowns on Fox2 NEWS

Shop Scarves, Headwraps, and Turbans

Head Wrap and Turbans
Shop our luxury jersey Head Wraps, Turbans, and Scarfs by Art of the Headwrap

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