Hair Loss: Alopecia

Black hair has always been political, especially in the United States. For some reason, folx just can’t seem to stop being so intrigued by it’s strength, it’s ability, and it’s beauty. 

Over the past decade, black hair has taken a different route in the past decade of perms and bone straight to textured and natural hair styles. I have met countless women who have expressed their intimate hair thinning battles, some positive, but most negative.

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Loosing one’s hair can have some psychological effects and disclosing hair loss can be difficult.  Perhaps their are certain stages one must go through during their hair challenges.

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Photo Credit: Imani Aisha’s Art of the Headwrap

No, but seriously we have been socialized to place high value on our crowns (hair). More recently, Massachusetts Congresswoman Ayanna Pressely revealed her beautiful bald headĀ publically for the first time on theĀ

On a personal note, I discovered my the thinning of my edges after the birth of my child and later the spots in the back of my head that were not growing hair-missing patches. I honestly didn’t know that alopecia was a thing or at least by it’s term definition. I did my first big chop 2012 and my first official barber visit 2014. I did not like my barber cut at all. I had envisioned the top of my scalp with rolling waves, but instead patchy spots that did not blend well with a shadow cut. I talk more candid about my personal journey in our private small group talks and demos.

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