Magens Bay, Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands (photo credit: IAisha)

Ocean Reflections

One of my favorite pictures looking into the sea is this one. We are looking at Magens Bay in the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Thomas. What a breathtaking moment. I always imagined feeling the wind blow gently through our hair, but the icing on the cake was inhaling the air filled with saltwater moment by moment. As often as I travel, my priority is to get close to the ocean. I enjoy what nature has shown me and the abundance of joy from these moments.
As I head out of St. Louis Airport to our next destination, I will take a headwrap to keep my neck warm and snug, I am excited to be traveling with my little Dime. This will be our second time hitting the west coast together towards the Pacific Ocean. It’s a double trip, as I will attend the Parent Power Prep Rally 2021 sponsored by The Egg-cellent Breakfast Company and celebrate Dime’s birthday. This educational and nutritional health summit will be just steps away from the Pacific Ocean in Southern California. It’s virtual and interactive, but trust me, it doesn’t mean any less work than an in-person event. The pandemic has shifted everyone into real-time adjustments. Watching the cooking demonstrations and listening to the presenters’ robust nutrition talks has been just what I needed. Everything that I have learned will teach me how to increase nutrition and seek better options for our family food needs. ONE Presenter demonstrated how to make a Vegan Cheese Sauce loaded with veggies. Cheese is one of those ingredients that kids love, well adults too. It’s just this time, we will load it with all the goodness the body needs.
I also gained some valuable tips from the Nutrition Detective, Loena about switching out refrigerator items that are more nutrient-dense and better options for our overall health.
The second part of the trip includes celebrating Dime’s birthday at the beach. Everything turned out with such ease that my gratitude is immense to those players in this much-needed moment. I am so excited that work and play were a blessing in disguise. So happy to see the manifestations of 2021 come to fruition after living through the most challenging 11 months of 2020, the year that will forever leave us changed. Here’s to riding the wings of joy in 2022.